Repercussions is ten poems by Timothy Barcomb.



The Work



Clouds rub against each other,

press and climb

over one another.

Heat lightening flashes.


A simple stir, slam,

then quiet;



as if something slipped out,

the disbelief cupped.


Fronts move in,

the sharp snap of hemispheres

wrung out

fuse into


random charges that

spider the sky with reckoning.

Each crack louder,


loosening phantasms

who roll us in nervous sleep

and press us against the thick bars

of a red morning.


The Edition

Repercussions is bound in a letterpress pattern paper cover on Fabriano Miliani Ingres, set in Futura, and printed letterpress on Mohawk Superfine. The edition is 14 pages, 5.5in by 9in, limited to 150 signed copies. 2008